How To Choose The Right Great Dane Puppy

Be sure you understand what this breed’s characteristics are before you go to the breeder to choose a puppy. You will need to know a lot – if not all - about the Great Dane as a breed to be able to recognize the right puppy.

Should You Choose Or Let Yourself Be Chosen By Your Great Dane Puppy?

Often people tend to think that it is wonderful to let the Great Dane puppy choose you. This is not really a good idea and I will explain to you why. Normally speaking, the Great Dane puppy should be friendly and curious; you will find it actually happy to see you and will enjoy your presence and interaction. Now, consider the puppy that jumps and runs towards you in a friendly bouncy step.

This will indicate to you that this puppy is very independent and has a mind of its own. Now imagine it bouncing up to you as an adult – and see whether the picture looks as rosy as it is now. Usually, if the puppy chooses you, that puppy is the brashest of all. While often this is not a negative trait, you should keep in mind that this animal might be a wee-bit more difficult to train than a responsive puppy.

What is a responsive puppy? This is the nature of the Great Dane puppy that you should seek out. The responsive dog usually responds to you, does not take the initiative though. Hence, when you go to the litter and you stretch your hand to a Great Dane puppy, it comes forward happily and plays with you then this could be your best choice.

When you should not take a Great Dane Puppy

There are a few negative traits that you have to look out for when you go for choosing your Great Dane puppy.

1. If you find that, the female is extremely shy and timid, bordering on being fearful – this shows either that the breeder is not of quality (as the purebred Great Dane is NEVER fearful or timid) or that the animal has been traumatized

2. If you find that, the female is aggressive when you visit to see the litter. While some anxiety signs are okay, since the mother would feel protective about her brood, the Great Dane would not be aggressive

3. If you find that the Great Dane puppies are skinny and wobbly – these dogs are great eaters – as a result, they should be round in shape as any healthy puppy; if you find that they look sickly – they may be.

Before you go for making you choice, you will have to decide whether you want a male or female Great Dane puppy.

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