How To Care For Your Great Dane At Home

When you bring a Great Dane home, you bring a companion, a friend, a joker, and a handful of responsibilities. This animal, in spite of its jaw-dropping size, is extremely gentle and very friendly with smaller pets and children. It is very rare if ever, that you find anyone harmed by a Great Dane. Despite their bulk, they would rather protect than harm. It is surprising for those who know these giants, to find that they love playing surrogate mothers to smaller dogs and even cats (and other animals).

Great Dane Care Is First And Foremost A Lot Of Love

There is nothing that these dogs love more than your companionship, your affection, your constant interaction with them. You will find that in spite of their huge size, they are basically just puppies. As a matter of fact, they mature very slowly – it takes them three years to reach adulthood mentally. Their body however, grows to full size within 8 months time, which makes for the most amazing growth chart among all the dog breeds.

You will need to be well versed with Great Dane care so you understand what it really means to have a dog of that size in your home.

These dogs cannot live outdoors because they have a very short coat (with no undercoat) which makes it uncomfortable in hot climates, as they will attract parasites and insects; in cold climates, they will be exposed because their coat does not offer sufficient protection and they will fall sick. Besides, they simply cannot live in solitary conditions. The Great Dane would always love to curl at your feet or next to you whenever possible.

The Great Dane care says that special attention needs to be paid to their diet. These dogs tend to wolf down their food, which at times cause causes bloat (the causes for this problem are not very clear) which can be fatal for the dog. It is advised that this dog be given free feeding instead of meals to prevent this health problem. By free feeding, it means that the food bowl of the dog should always be full with something so the dog is not tempted to wolf down its food and take air with it.

One other significant Great Dane care requirement is exercise. This dog does not need as much exercise as other large dogs need. Though it loves to run and play, it can be completely satisfied with a long walk. The Great Dane is very happy staying indoors as long as you are there with it. If you have trained it well, you will be happy to take it for a walk in the evenings as walking a Great Dane is an experience by itself. If not, God help you as this dog can and will drag you behind it everytime it finds something to chase.

One of the most important aspects of Great Dane care is training. Training has to be imparted to this dog right from day 1. Unless these dogs are trained, it is impossible to control them when they are fully grown, which will endanger them and others.

You will never be able to control a Great Dane without adequate obedience training. In fact, the first thing that you should do even when you consider getting this breed is to learn about Great Dane training and search a good trainer.

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