Great Dane Training

Why is Great Dane training such an issue? You hear everywhere that as soon as we get a puppy of this breed home, you have to go and get hold of a trainer who will have to start instant. Why is it important? There are two main reasons for this, (i) this dog grows to a huge size of 32 inches tall and 200 pounds weight, and (ii) this puppy grows extremely fast – almost overnight, before your eyes. For both these reasons unless the Great Dane training is done from day 1, you will not be able to take control it when it grows into adulthood.

This, coupled by the fact that the Great Danes are extremely playful and energetic can spell disaster unless there is any means to check its behavior. This is why Great Dane training is very important.

Crating As A Tool For Great Dane Training

Training need not be compartmentalized out from its day-to-day activities. You need to allow your puppy explore house when you get him in, and let him familiarize itself with it. Then, before it gets lost in the vastness of the house, you should introduce it to its new home, its crate. Over a brief period of time, it will associate his crate with his den and feel at home and comforted while resting there.

Whenever it feels tired or sleepy, ensure that he goes into its crate. Once he recognizes it as his den, it will be easy for you to use the crate to teach him potty training – a very important aspect if you live in a flat.

The crate is also a place to put him when you leave him alone. The Great Dane hates to be left alone and in his stress anxiety, he can destroy your house within no time. Always ensure that your puppy Great Dane is left inside the crate or you will be courting disaster.

The Great Dane is very gentle and friendly. Training it is not difficult and should not need any coercion. There is a good deal of programs available with positive reinforcement training and this is exactly what this dog needs. Often the owners themselves learn the basic training techniques so they can spend more time with their pets while at the same time teach them the basics.

The Great Dane training branches out into two main areas, (i) Great Dane obedience training and (ii) Great Dane potty training. You will have to ensure your dog understands both!

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