The Safe Use of Dog Training Shock Collars on Dogs

If you want to use a Dog Training Shock Collar as part of dog training, there are some important things you need to know. As a rule, using a shock collar for dog training is linked to certain fallacies, which can be demystified.

Call It What You Will

Calling an effective tool for dog training as a “shock collar” can cause a real shock in some people. It is possible to imagine that the shock is very painful and dangerous to the wellbeing of your dog, but it actually is a small stimulation just enough for dog to notice. It’s more of a static electricity shock, much like we humans can get if we walk on carpet and then touching someone. So, most people choose to call the device “electric collar” or “remote collar”.

It’s Not From The Collar!

Most dog owners understand that the stimulation sent to control dog’s misbehavior comes from the collar. But the main idea is making the dog believe that he receives the electric signals as a response on his wrong behavior. Let your dog have the training collar on and get used to it, especially in the times when you pet him, feed him or play with him. That way, the collar isn’t something new the same time the negative stimulation happens, and he won’t associate the two as related.

Avoid Hurting Your Dog

Some dog owners think that it is best to use a strong shock to send a strong message to the dog. Nevertheless, it is always better to try doing the opposite. It is recommended to begin with applying the lowest degree of shock followed by increasing the level of stimulation intensity in case the dog is not responsive. What can be a sign that your dog is responding? Any movement or activity of the dog showing that he has noticed the stimulation. It could be a twitch of the ear, a scratch of the head, turning the head, or something else. It shouldn’t be barking or acting panicked. Panicking or howling can mean you’re sending too strong an electric pulse from the Dog Training Shock Collar

There are important things to remember when using a Dog Training Shock Collar. The shock isn’t as bad as you might think, but don’t overdo it. Learn more about your Dog Training Shock Collar and introduce it in a way that the dog won’t realize the shock came from the collar.

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