The Anti Bark Collars - Human Methods of Dog Training

Poeople have the strangest ideas when it comes to Anti Bark Collars and still believe in myths presented in movies. They always associate the bark collars with harm treatment for dogs and avoid purchasing such products; ths kind of behavior is present even in those who usually don’t treat their dogs well. Let’s face it; a dog that barks incessantly is enough to drive anyone up the wall. You can have arguments with your neighbors for this reason, but you can also get in trouble with the law. In some jurisdictions, the law inforces dog owners to get rid of their pets if these dogs bark too often.

Sometimes, the only solution people think of is giving their dog away. To make matters worse, the new owners will quite likely get rid of the dog as well once they discover how much disturbance it causes. In many cases, these dogs just keep moving from one home to a next, until eventually they find themselves in an animal shelter, and then finally on the receiving end of a lethal injection. It is clear that this situation is not to be preferred to anti bark collars.

Unfortunately though, the vast majority of people have seen movies where a dog has been tortured using a shock collar, and they’ve read reports on how cruel these collars are. Moreover, they also read on the internet many fake facts about these devices. Many of these articles are written by ghostwriters who have never used a dog bark collar before and have no idea how dangerous it really is. There is a myth according to which you have to shave the dog’s neck before applying the collar. Or another myth that says your dog will have burn scars. How could two small AA batteries general enough charge to burn or harm anything?.

In reality, the bark collars only tingle the dog. The stimuli they apply can be resembled to those of static shocks. These shocks are annoying, but bearable and harmless. And, of course, static shock is irritating, but has never hurt you.

Many dogs today are still alive because the anti bark collars have been invented. All those who own a bark collar are happy with their investment, as it solved their problems in only a few days. Additionally, most Anti Bark Collars will warn the dog before and shock is administered. If the dog then goes ahead and starts bark, a very mild shock is given, and if the dog continues to bark, the intensity of the shock increases. Even so, even the most powerful stimuli is still harmless for your pet, and it can be associated with the intensity of static shock. Of course, it’s impossible for this device to do real harm to your dog.

People have many prejudices when it comes to Anti Bark Collars. The strongest shock from these collars resembles static shock. Find out more about the types of Anti Bark Collars.



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