The Anti Bark Collar Releases Mild Stimuli

Sometimes, a barking dog is annoying. In fact, it’s normal and healthy for dogs to bark when they’re afraid. The problem isn’t barking, but the time the dog barks. When dogs bark too much or at inappropriate times, then it’s a problem. Among several types of methods, using an anti bark collar is definitely one of the best options an owner has for preventing his dog from barking at inappropriate times.

The operation of an Anti Bark Collar is quite simple. It is made just of two main parts, a microphone powered by a battery. When your dog barks, this Anti Bark Collar triggers a beep and a mild stimulus for discouraging the barking. The two main types of pain-free stimuli are citronella (more specifically, oil from the plant) and ultrasonic sound. Some of the sellers of these devices say that the citronella anti bark collars are more effective than the ultrasounds ones, because dogs can eventually become accustomed to ultrasounds.

Why some people preffer to use the anti bark collars and not other bark preventing or bark discouraging methods? Such collars can be one of the best options available for those people who are interested in a holistic approach of behavior control. In the case of the citronella based anti bark collar, we can definitely notice that it uses the oil naturally originating from a plant. Even ultrasonic sound could arguably be considered holistic since it basically imitates the effect of a shouting human. It’s interesting to note that not only can certain anti-bark collars be safe for dogs, but also for insects. Some insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes don’t like the smell of citronella and will be repeled by the citronella anti bark collar, but they won’t be hurt or killed by it. Many people do not like fleas and ticks, but they will be opposing to pet products that actually kill them.

We can also say that the anti bark collars are humane. Again, that’s particularly true of citronella-based collars. All the pet owners are using only pet supplies that are as humane as possible. While dogs dislike the scent of citronella, the scent won’t cause them any health problems. The ultrasonic sound has an extremely high frequency that is disturbing for the dog, but it won’t harm the hearing of the dog. We use to say that the dog is man’s best friend. It is then obvious that we should use anti bark products that are friendly to our friends. This type of products don’t cause any harm or pain to our dogs, they just worn them when barking.

Yet another benefit of an anti bark collar is that it’s effective. We are for sure interested in results. Amazingly, some scientific studies have revealed that anti-bark collars can be effective in preventing up to 90% of your dog’s unwanted barking. Many of us are choosy about our pet’s supplies. The best product for our pet means it has to work.

Anybody can afford these collars. The price of the product depends on various factors, and particularly the anti-bark method that it uses. But for less than $100 USD you can find a good collar. That’s a plus in today’s sluggish global market.

The Anti Bark Collar is acting in a very simple way. The sound of the barking triggers the Anti Bark Collar to release a mild stimulus. We should use anti bark products that are friendly to our friends.



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