Stop Excessive Barking With the Deluxe Spray Bark Collar

If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to train your dog so that it reduces its barking at night or towards guests of your house, but are reluctant to resort to electric shock collars or sonic collars, the PBC00-11005 is the solution for you. Built with the latest technology in dog training, this collar is capable of detecting the vibrations and sound caused by your dog’s barking, and when this happens, it releases a spray of citronella that spurts your dog’s muzzle. The spray is lemon scented, and it will surprise your dog, distracting it from barking. With time, it helps him understand that his bark induces the spout of the spray thereby proving to be effective in controlling the dog’s bark!.

The scent of lemon used in the spray is effective in reducing your dog’s barking, yet safe at the same time. Being waterproof and equipped with a QuickFit buckle, PBC00-11005 can be fitted onto the neck of dogs of all sizes and is adjustable for neck sizes up to 28″. The operating guide that comes with every purchase of the PBC00-11005 proves to be utile for the beginners and clarifies all your queries with respect to the usage of PBC00-11005 on the fly. Other features of the PBC00-11005 are an indicator of the level of the battery and an indicator of the level of the spray liquid.

When using the PBC00-11005 make sure that the collar is loose enough to make it comfortable, but tight enough that it won’t slip off. The collar should only be used in situations where barking would be very inconvenient, and no more than 10 hours in a period of 24 hours.

Niceties of the deluxe spray bark collar.

The spray used by the collar is perfectly safe. It does not baffle the dog. It’s also a very flexible collar, due to it’s light weight and adjustability to your dog’s neck size. In addition, the PBC00-11005 is lasting, durable, and resistant to water. It also tells you when it runs out of spray liquid.

The PBC00-11005 is very useful for training your dog not to bark to your guests. Just remember not to use it more than 10 hours a day. The deluxe spray bark collar will also tell you when it’s low on battery or spray liquid.

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