How to Choose a Bark Control Collar

If your dog barks too much - and you’re ready to do something about it - you probably should get a bark control collar. There are many products and techniques that can solve the problem, but bark collars are the most popular ones.

Why So Much Barking?

Do not rush into purchasing a remedy before you find the reason why your dog barks so much. Some dogs bark as a reaction to fear, lack of company or frustration. If you think your dog barks because one of these reasons, then a bark control collar will not solve the problem. These things can be dealt with other ways, like proper training and attention.

But for dogs that bark just because they are bored, the bark control collar can help them break the barking habit

How To Choose A Bark Control Collar

If you’ve decided to use a bark control collar, you have three basic choices of method of deterrent. There are many models of bark control collars you can choose from.

One type of efficient bark collar is the one using citronella smell. Because your dog does not like citrus smell, it will stop barking in order to avoid it. Some citronella collars will also give a warning “hiss” sound so that the dog can learn to stop barking sooner.

Another efficient version of bark collars use shocks to make your dog stop barking. They are called electronic collars. The electronic shock does not harm your dog, and it is similar to people feeling static shocks. However, this “punishment” is enough to prevent further barkings. Some of the electronic collars shut off by themselves after some time, and some products allow you to set this period.

Sonic or ultrasonic collars produce a sound that only dogs can hear. People cannot hear this sound, but it is enough to annoy the dog and stop the barking.

One of the biggest benefits of a bark control collar is that the dog will be being trained all the time, not just when the owners are around. This helps with dogs that are alone while the owners are away at work, or even just asleep.

Do not use these collars if your dog barks because it is scared or aggressive. bark control dog collars are only good for the dogs that bark because they are used to barking all the time or they are just bored. Either it is ultrasonic/sonic, electronic or with citronella spray, any of these collars will teach your dog to stop barking all the time.

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Before using bark control collars you need to figure out why your dog barks so often. Bark collars come in different versions, using a single method of a combination of mechanisms. You can read more about bark control dog collars here.



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