Do You Consider a Bark Collar for Your Dog?

If you or your neighbours came to the conclusion that your dog barks too loud and too often, you do not need to worry because he is not necessarily suffering from any health problems. Many dogs like to bark loudly at twilight. If this bothers the people in the area, then you should find a solution fast.

How You Can Stop The Barking

You have to determine what stimulus makes your dog bark. What triggers the barking? Is it people walking past the house or yard? Is it boredom? If you can eliminate the underlying issue, you might not need a collar for your barking dog.

An animal should never be punished with physical violence. However, if you consider other types of punishment, do not apply them if your dog is under stress or is just scared. These two are also important factors that can cause the excessive barking. You can use positive training techniques instead of coercion. Positive traning techniques include exposing your dog repeatedly to the stimulus, while you try to calm it down; distracting the dog when the stimulus occurs or the reshaping technique - teach it to bark on command. Sometimes none of the above works, so you need to resort to a professional dog trainer.

Dog Training Collars

Many dog owners successfully eliminate excess barking by putting a bark collar on their dog. Three different methods are available, as well as combinations of methods for even greater effectiveness.

There are collars with “citronella” that can spray when the dog starts to bark. These spray collars come in two versions. The first one pulverizes the spray without any warning and the other one utters a hissing sound that precedes the spraying, as a warning. Whenever the dog hears the sound, it will not start to bark for fear that it would get sprayed.

Other Bark collars use sonic or ultrasonic methods, using sounds that only your dog can hear. Because your dog does not like this type of sounds, it will not start barking when the stimulus occurs.

Another popular version of barking collars is the electronic collar, that gives a mild shock to the dog whenever it starts barking. It doesn’t hurt the dog, but it can deter barking.

You can find alternatives to these collars, but they will not be as effective. These collars have three versions - they can be electronic, with citronella spray or sonic and ultrasonic sound. None of them hurts the dog, but give great results instead.

Resource Box

If you need a solution to prevent your dog from barking excessively, you can either use dog training or Bark collars. The latter comes in three versions, which are all very efficient - collars with citronella spray, electronic collars or sonic/ultrasonic dog collars. Any of these methods will not harm the animal. More information on barking collars is available here.



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