Control Barking With an Outdoor Bark Control System

Do you have a dog that tends to get over excited and barks at everything and everyone? Does he bark at every single person or car that passes by? Or perhaps you don’t own the dog, but it’s your neighbor who does, and the furry pet likes to bark until very late at night. If you’re in one of these situations or one that is very similar, don’t resign yourself to having little sleep at night, just get the PBC00-11216 outdoor bark control system and solve the problem.

What The PBC00-11216 Is All About

The PBC00-11216 is quite an ingenious device. It looks like an ordinary outdoor birdhouse, but in fact it is an outdoor bark control system. It can be fastened or hanged to a tree or a post, just like any other birdhouse. It has a range of 50 feet, which most people prefer; however, there are other two range settings, in case you want to change it. The moment the device picks up the sound of barking, it will emit a sound that is so high pitched that humans can’t hear it; however dogs can and it makes the stop barking.

The system has been tested and proved safe for its use on dogs. It is PetSafe approved, so you know that this fact is guaranteed. The device is actually a good training tool. Whether it is your dog that’s barking or a neighbor’s, it should eventually teach the dog not to bark for no reason at all. Once this result is achieved, you can dismount the unit, or just turn it off for the moment, so that you don’t have to install it again for future training reinforcement.

The outdoor bark control system was designed to resist all types of bad weather. It needs a small 9 Volt alkaline battery, and it has an indicator that will tell you when the level of the battery is low. This way, you’ll know just when to replace the battery, so that you’ll never be without this clever outdoor bark control system.

The PBC00-11216 looks like any ordinary birdhouse. Actually, it’s an outdoor bark control system. The outdoor bark control system uses high pitched sounds undetectable by humans to cause dogs to stop barking.

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