Buy a Citronella Bark Collar for Your Boisterous Dog

More than ten thousand years have passed since humans started to domesticate dogs, and from the beginnings they find practical to make use of collars with their canine companions. In fact, we can trace the first dog collars to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. From the beginning of the dog domestication period, humans needed some means to identify each dog belonging to each master or to provide their dogs with some kind of protection against unwanted critters, and this is why they used dog collars. If usual dog collars are useful, you may ask what for do you need a citronella bark collar?

This is not the usual dog collar you and your dog are used to, but a bark collar. This type of collar is used to modify the behaviors you consider bad to your dog. They are specifically used to restrain your dog from barking too much or when disturbing. A bark collar contains two key components: a microphone and a battery. Whenever the dog barks, the microphone becomes a tool for altering the dog’s behavior. Bark collars are designed to only discourage improper barking.

The Citronella Bark Collar is a very appreciated type of bark collars. You can notice a specific can with a solution of citronella oil. Citronella oil is extracted from various types of grasses. Various critters like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes will avoid the odor of this oil. Also, dogs dislike the lemon-like scent of citronella. Among the advantages of citronella-based bark collars are:

1. These collars are safe to use

The citronella-based bark collars are not toxic for the dog. The use of these collars is harmless for your dog’s eyes or skin. Citronella oil is also harmless for most people.

2. These collars are quite useful

Dog’s behavior modification is their main objective. When your dog barks, the microphone in the dog collar senses the barking. In that case the collar releases citronella vapors. Your dog will soon see the connection between its barking and the unpleasant scent from citronella oil.

Different scientific studies have demonstrated the Citronella Bark Collar effectiveness. One particular study by a university’s College of Veterinary Medicine discovered that such collars are effective in eliminating almost 90% of a dog’s unwanted barking. These scientific studies certify the statements of satisfied citronella-based collars users.

3. They’re humane.

Many experts and dog owners consider bark collars with citronella to be the most humane type on the market. The citronella fluid doesn’t induce any pain to your dog. Many dog owners buy these effective and humane dog bark collars. All of us want to protect our best friends.

Not only dogs and their owners, but neither insects will be harmed by the citronella oil based solution. You’re probably much more concerned about the safety of your dog, than the safety of an annoying flea or tick. But if you want to prevent the harm of animals while protecting your pet, then a citronella bark collar is definitely a wise choice. Because it doesn’t hurt insects while it repels them.

The Citronella Bark Collar is a very popular type of bark collars. Different scientific studies have demonstrated the Citronella Bark Collar effectiveness. Your dog will feel no pain when smelling the citronella oil.

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