About The Great Dane Dog

There is a lot to say about the Great Dane, or the Gentle Giant as it is popularly known. Initially this dog was bred to assist in hunting practices for wild boar, deer, wolves and the like. Among the first mentions of these dogs was that they were bred and maintained by a tribe called the Dane tribe who used them for hunting. This dog finds mention in history chronicles of many ancient civilization, such as Greek, Egypt and Roman.

The Great Dane Is As Huge And It Is Sweet

The dog is huge, very powerful, yet astonishingly gentle. Many know it as the King of all dogs, or the Apollo of all Dogs and people love it because of its giant size and sweet temperament. They are very loyal, affectionate and they are safe with children, other pets and even other dogs in the family. They are extremely tolerant and it is very seldom that they bark at anyone. Nonetheless, they make excellent watchdogs.

They need plenty of space to accommodate their size, but they are known to adjust to diminutive spaces just as well. When they are puppies, they could be extremely destructive by way of playing. However, as adults, they are very well behaved and the only ‘threat’ is when they tend to be effusive with their affection – like jumping on you to welcome you home, or licking your face.

They need to be trained very early so they can be controlled when they become adults, specially things like not to jump on you, not to pull at its leash, not to sit on the furniture (if you do not want it to) etc, because once it grows to its full size, it will be impossible to control him. The Great Dane is extremely intelligent and will train very easily. They are people’s dogs and they need company, all the time.

Since they grow so huge, people need to realize that these animals take a lot to maintain in terms of food and exercise. A Great Dane has to be exercised every day, preferably with a ball so it can ran at full speed freely. For those who cannot have this type of exercise, a long walk would do just fine, though it will not be so much fun for the dog. The Great Dane has a great appetite and eats plenty, which is expected looking at its size. One needs to keep in mind this aspect when acquiring a dog of this size.

The Great Dane grooming involves just standard dog grooming. It has a short coat and is a moderate shedder hence, does not require special care on this aspect. It needs to be combed once in a while to remove the dead hair and check for parasites. Bathing these giants is a formidable task – which needs to be done once in 2-3 months. These dogs are basically clean and you will have very little complaints with it.

The only shortcoming in having this wonderful dog is that it has a very short life. The Great Dane seldom lives beyond 10 years and it is in retired mode from its 7th year onwards.

The history and origin of the Great Dane, which makes for very interesting reading, puts this dog’s existence as early as 36 BC onwards, though the earliest mention as the variety we know it today was in Chinese scrolls around 11th century.

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