Great Dane Breeders

The standard of a breeder does not depend on the breed it specializes in; rather it depends upon its commitment to breeding.

Breeding of any animal has to be done with great responsibility lest it will result into defective specimens who will end up as strays. Great Dane breeders should be extremely particular about the parentage of the breeding stock. This breed is not blessed with a robust constitution, despite its huge size. Hence, the slightest genetic defects can result in major disasters with this dog.

What Is A Responsible Breeder

A breeder usually is in the business not for the money but for the genuine love of the breed. They should always aim to maintain the standard, even improve the breed, and promote the best qualities of the animal. Here one should be clear about one thing – a beautiful or even a perfect looking animal, is not necessarily good material for breeding. Genetic defects can be invisible to the eye, yet be very much there. Hence, the breeding cannot be decided on the face value of the animal.

A good amount of documentation and medical tests are needed to ascertain the genetics of the Great Dane that you want to breed. Often the defects in genes can be perpetrated two or three generations down the line. Hence, the ancestry of the animals needs to be very well known before being bred. The Great Dane breeder will be very careful about this aspect.

A good Great Dane breeder will be very passionate about the puppies he/she produces and will take extreme pains to ensure that the puppies are matched properly with the families they are going to live with. They will interact intensively with the buyer and agree to sell the puppy only when they are totally convinced that they have the capacity and mentality to give the puppy a good home and adequate care.

In the case of the Great Dane, besides affection and exercise, the owner should be well settled financially because these dogs needs a lot of food. They are also susceptible to a number of health problems for which the vet bills can be pretty high.

Generally speaking, a good Great Dane breeder will be ready to sacrifice his/her time and finances besides putting in a great deal of emotional involvement in order to see this breed is promoted correctly.

There is another very important aspect that a good Great Dane breeder will be very firm about, i.e. a lifetime contract to return the puppy/dog if for any reason the owner changes his/her mind or is unable to take care of it. No good breeder will ever dream of having the life created by him or her extinguished in an animal shelter.

It takes a lot to be a good breeder. This is why finding a quality Great Dane breeder might not be the easiest thing for you. In this case, you could always seek out to rescue a Great Dane that is languishing in an animal shelter.

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