Can I Feed Pedigree Adult Dog Food to My 2n Half Months Old Great Dane Puppy?

i have heard that don't feed great dane puppy any kind of puppy food because they have high protein so i started to give pedigree adult dog food to my dane puppy it is has 20% protein. is it right food.i am also giving him some calcium supplements. thanks very much.

You aren't supposed to feed regular puppy food, but any puppy still needs appropriate puppy food. Many companies make puppy foods made specifically for large breed.
Also, Pedigree is crap. If you really want to feed your dog a good food, don't buy anything from the grocery store.
Research foods and find a good quality Large Breed Puppy food or an all life stages food.

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21 Responses to “Can I Feed Pedigree Adult Dog Food to My 2n Half Months Old Great Dane Puppy?”

  1. versantly says:

    your dog is a PUPPY -buy the appropriate food.
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  2. Caitie M says:

    No, you have to feed dogs puppy food until they are at least 6 months old.
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  3. darkcatalyst_08 says:

    You can but it doesn't have alll the correct nutrients for a puppy. Try to get puppy food. Also, it should be wet because your puppy is pretty young. Switch to dry at 6 months
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  4. Whitney says:

    I wouldn't feed pedigree… it's crap. I would feed him solid gold puppy wolf cub. It's meant for large breeds. There are also many other puppy and adult foods meant for large dogs.
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  5. Angela says:

    you can buy pedigree puppy food that is really good…try looking at the back of the bag of dog food it explains appropriate servings for certain ages
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  6. xmillerphotos says:

    It is essential that a puppy be put onto puppy chow in order to HELP him grow. I've heard other people say the same thing, but unless you want a puppy who is malnourished because he didn't get the essential ingredients and nutrition he needed at an early age, then I would put him on puppy chow. Great Danes grow fast to begin with, so if anything feed him slowly through out the day so he doesn't take in the food all at once.

    If you're looking for high quality puppy chow/dog chow, I would try Canidae - All Life Stages dog food. Its for all dogs, from puppy to working dog and is very very good. It's considered a 5 star dog food by the Dog Food Analysis website.
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  7. Shanna says:

    You aren't supposed to feed regular puppy food, but any puppy still needs appropriate puppy food. Many companies make puppy foods made specifically for large breed.
    Also, Pedigree is crap. If you really want to feed your dog a good food, don't buy anything from the grocery store.
    Research foods and find a good quality Large Breed Puppy food or an all life stages food.
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  8. Yo LO! © says:

    It's actually true that "Giant" breeds don't need Puppy Food - It's because of the very fast growth rate (Giant breeds are the size of most adult dogs by the time they're 4-5 months old!).

    Pedigree however is about the worst thing you could ever feed it. Yeah, their commercials are cute, but their food is absolute crap.

    Go with a high quality food such as Canidae All Life Stages, Solid Gold, Innova, Wellness, or another 5 or 6 star food you can research on this site
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  9. april says:

    I would feed a high quality dog food in about another month or so. Until then, a high quality, which isn't pedigree, puppy food. Large and giant breed dogs are prone to pano when young. It's really painfull for them and switching to dog food usually slows down them growing so fast.

    Yo Lo, Canidae is great. It's what I feed my dogs, pups, huge ones and tiny ones. Hey, why did I get a thumbs down, my answers almost the same as yours? *pout*
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  10. candy says:

    you can and he would eat it but it would not have the vitamins and stuff he needs and can also contain big chunks or bits that he can choke on so i think you should give the puppy the puppy food it doesn't have to say pedigree just "for puppies"
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  11. mojo1969 says:

    not recommended your puppy needs certain nutrients that adult dog food does not provide, for the puppy to grow up healthy then i would feed puppy food.
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  12. Nicole P says:

    are you kidding it's a puppy, it needs puppy food not adult dog food.
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  13. Tulip says:

    You need to feed the dog puppy food. They need more vitamins and minerals as there growing.
    By feeding Adult dog food, they are getting less of the vitamin and minerals they need. Puppy food is specially formulated for puppies.
    Adult dogs have food specially formulated for adult dogs-they stop growing.

    Don't feed a puppy adult dogs food unless INSTRUCTED BY A VET!

    Who ever told you to give adult food to a puppy? Someone on Yahoo answer I BET!

    Royal Cannin has a Giant Puppy formulation

    Here are some of my favourite dog food brands
    Science Diet
    Royal Canin
    Purina One

    Thums Down dog food
    Lucky Dog
    Pedigree All Natural


    Roughage is essential for proper bowel function
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  14. picky says:

    well, they have pedigree puppy food don't they? I know they do cos when my dog was a puppy I fed it to her. she eats Pedigree.Gee, we sound like we're doing a commercial here.
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  15. Jo says:

    Here's a great website with info on feeding Great Danes:
    Here's what I don't like about Pedigree:
    Large breed adult food example ingredients:

    First five are JUNK. First listed product is ground yellow corn, then chicken by-product meal and bone meal (water removed after processing and by-products that aren't bone are the parts not used for human consumption- usually- which can include beaks, feet- the bone meal type does not identify which animals the bones come from!), then rice, then corn gluten meal, then animal fat (another un-identified animal! Fat of what animals?) and that fat is preserved with BHA and BHT. These are linked to Cancer.
    Going futher down the ingredient list:dried beet pulp, wheat flour, salt and more salt, more wheat product, unidentified Vegetable oil- and throw in some vitamins so the product contains some nutrition.
    I wouldn't advise it for any dog though there are dogs that thrive regardless of what they are fed.
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  16. Milk Lady says:

    Ah can you feed a steak to a two month old baby? Duh No!
    Buy your dog some good puppy food at a pet store try solid gold and while your there at the pet store buy a book on great Danes and one on nutrition! Maybe you should of thought about how to care for the new puppy before you brought it home. It's called common sense!
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  17. Tammy C says:

    Yes,the dog food is fine,but NO calcium supplements,you can really screw him up with them.Just feed him three times a day and that's all he needs.

    Here,check out what the "Great dane Lady " feeds her pups.
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    Have had dogs all my life.

  18. Lady Ariana says:

    I'd suggest a grain free or whole grain food …

    Taste of the Wild
    Solid Gold
    Wolf King
    Nature's Recipe
    Nature's Variety

    Those are all excellent foods - far better than that crap food called pedigree.

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  19. Jordie0587 *Diesel's Momma* says:

    You can, but I wouldn't reccommend it.

    Pedigree is junk food for dogs. They can live off of it, but it's not healthy. It's full of byproducts (you don't want to know), fillers (usually cause allergies and have no nutritional value), sugar and artificial preservatives (nasty chemicals).

    Find a high quality large breed puppy food. Large breed puppy foods are specifically made for large/giant breeds and contain less proteint than other puppy foods.

    Here is a website with information on why you shouldn't feed low quality grocery store brands.
    This is a website that lists foods by quality. 4 star and higher is good food. I wouldn't let my dogs eat anything less than 4 stars.

    You can search through those foods and find one that is available near you. If you go to the food brands website, most have a store locator so that you can find somewhere that sells them.

    Some brands that offer large breed puppy foods:
    Reasonably priced:
    Solid Gold (wolf cub)
    Eagle Pack
    Chicken Soup for the puppy lovers soul
    A little more expensive but WORTH IT!:
    Arden Grange

    The main difference in regular puppy food, adult food, senior food and large breed puppy food is the protein and calcium levels.

    Large breed puppies actually require LOWER calcium levels. Around 1.5% is best. They don't need to put on muscle quickly, but they also don't need fast bone growth. Both are equally damaging. They also need lower protein levels, low to mid 20s percentage is usually best.

    Senior and "light" or diet foods often have lower protein levels too.

    It's up to you, but I have noticed a HUGE difference in my dogs health since I switched them last year. They look better, feel better, eat less and poop less and have been to the vet for illness FAR less.

    They look more expensive to begin with, BUT you feed less on a high quality food than you do with a grocery store brand so it DEFINITELY balances out, especially when your vet bills are less!

    Good luck, and congratulations on your new puppy.

    For those reccommending puppy food for a giant breed: WRONG. Like I said, regular puppy foods are too high in protein and calcium levels for a giant breed.

    For those reccommending crap foods, AVOID:
    Science Diet (crap, no better than pedigree)
    ANY Purina product (BIG FAT CRAP)
    Royal Canin

    All of those are CRAP foods.

    For the person who said "natural" ingredients can be bad…. what I think is bad are byproducts aka roadkill, meat not fit for human consumption (not fit for ANY consumption), and euthanized pets from animal shelters and vets (the temperatures used to cook euthanized animals is not high enough to break down the euthanasia chemicals…)

    Exactly what "natural" ingredients are you referring to?
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  20. cmeyers311 says:

    Puppy food is needed as it has more nutrients, fats, and protein that a puppy needs to grow properly. Giving a puppy adult food needs to be at an appropriate age and needs to be done in a slow transition as puppies have weak tummys.
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  21. Yuff says:

    I'd wait until 8-12 months before switching to an adult food. Rule of thumb for dogs is a puppy becomes a dog at 1 year old, but larger breeds age faster.

    Oh and looks for something other than Pedigree its like feeding your dog roadkill.
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    Dog Groomer

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