Top Ten Great Dane Rescue Mistakes

Let us assume that you are one of those kindhearted souls who would consider rescuing a needy animal from the Great Dane rescue shelter. Let us also assume that you find a wonderful specimen with whom you instantly fall in love and now you are making arrangements to take it home.  Before you do so, read  about the following points so you could be aware of the top ten Great Dane rescue mistakes that people usually commit.

Helping Make A Responsible Choice

1. People tend to depend too much on the assessment of the volunteers at the animal shelter. Though most of the times it is accurate, there are stress triggers that may result in some unexpected behavior in the adopted Great Dane.

2. Expecting instant bonding – while the Great Dane adoption would result in excellent companionship followed by a close bonding; however, this does not happen overnight. It takes time, patience, love and above all tolerance

3. The Great Dane rescue will have a perfectly trained animal – yes, indeed. Most often than not, these dogs are trained (obedience and housebreaking training) are imparted to ensure that the dogs are adoption quality. However, keep in mind that these dogs have been through a lot – rejection, capture (when left as strays), solitary confinement, and discomfort and so on. It will take some time to get over the trauma and believe again in human beings.  Give it time.

4. You see what you get – this is something majority of the people I know believe strongly. You will know that the dog is healthy through the medical records that the Great Dane rescued is healthy and has no genetic defects. However, you cannot check on what impact the present trauma has left on its mind. Be prepared for surprises.

5. The behavior of the adult Great Dane will be mellow and balanced – not necessarily. The Great Dane matures mentally at about 3 years of age. If your rescued animal is less than that, then expect puppy behavior from your rescued Great Dane.

6. The Great Dane rescue will provide only mixed breed dogs – nothing can be further from truth. There are millions of dogs that are abandoned with papers and recognitions from best national kennel clubs – waiting for you to rescue them.

7. The Great Dane will always be healthy – yes, in most cases. However, if it does have any type of health problem the animal shelter volunteers will be able to tell you about it. There is no guarantee however, that it will get cancer or any other common health problems that this these dogs usually suffer from.

8. Expect it to be tolerant of children and pets. In most cases, this is true. However, keep in mind that his past might have things that you do not know about and have not been counted on; might get some surprises here.

9. The Great Dane rescued will fit into your home like a glove – often this is just the case. The Great Dane enjoying that it has a house again, feels good and blends with the background in no time – In reality, it will take sometime for these very sensitive dogs to believe human beings again. They will be mistrustful and show heavy anxiety stress when left alone.

10. They will eat what you give them. The volunteers at the shelter will more or less discover what they like and dislike. However, you will have to work on the relationship yourself if you want it to work. Moreover, if it does – it is well worth it.

These are some of the most common mistakes, which cloud the real thing, i.e. what to expect from a Great Dane rescue dog. But this does not mean that this option still looks better than buying a puppy.


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