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    I hope that you have decided to get a dog from the animal shelter rather than the breeder; if not for any other reason, for the fact that you are saving a life. It will take you sometime to bridge the gap towards a binding friendship and when that happens life would be very rewarding for both of you.

    The Great Dane rescue - Expectations Versus Reality

    1. You will expect that your Great Dane would be housebroken sometimes nervousness, trauma, new surroundings, many other pets including dogs and/or cats, etc may make the dog behave in a territorial manner, including peeing on the furniture. Be calm and tolerant this is a passing phase.

    2. You will definitely expect that the Great Dane rescued is in the pink of its heath the animal shelter will hand you the medical records of the dog saying so. Then cancer or any other of the common killer diseases affecting the Great Danes, strikes. Who can fight against fate?

    3. You will expect that the rescued Great Dane will be great with other animals Remember that this dog might be quite traumatized by the past experiences. You may find it overly friendly or overly aggressive towards them it all depends on how traumatized this animal is mentally

    4. You will expect that the Great Dane rescued is purebred as per the papers given to you you go for breeding it and find that the puppies have colors that are unacceptable. This happens when the parents of the dog might be of mixed parentage or have defective genes. This is why breeding without sufficient knowledge into the background of the dog is not a good idea.

    5. You will think you are getting a very well adjusted dog and that is what it will be, as per the assessment of the volunteers at the animal shelter. However, the animal might hate to be left alone owing to the experiences it went through in the past. It may take quite some time before he trusts you (or other human beings) fully. Give the relationship time.

    6. You will expect instant bonding with the Great Dane rescued it will be hard for the Great Dane to make the transition from past to present. You will need to be friendly, loving and supportive. He will forget everything if it gets to play with animals and children and feels you love it with all your heart.

    The rescue of the Great Dane is almost always an excellent idea. However, it is always good to weigh carefully the pros and cons of Great Dane rescue before you take the plunge.

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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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