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  • Things To Consider Before Buying A Great Dane Puppy

    We have already seen what it involves to have a Great Dane puppy. There are a lot more things to consider before buying a Great Dane puppy. The most important thing is whether you can manage such a huge dog. Keep in mind that the Great Dane grows to a height if 32 inches and will weigh about 200 pounds as an adult.

    To Buy Or Not To Buy This Is The Question

    1. Commitment - When you buy a Great Dane puppy, you will commit yourself to at least 10 years of companionship with this dog. Be sure that this is what you want this dog (and all others) does not deserve to end up in an animal shelter. Also, make a contract with the breeder (if the breeder is of great quality, he will insist on this contract from his end) saying that in case you cannot manage, he would take the dog back. At least it will not reach in an animal shelter.

    2. Society acceptance it is important that your family accepts and loves the Great Dane puppy. However, it is even more important that your proprietor agrees that you keep a dog of this magnitude in your home. The same applies to your neighborhood. If your neighbors are touchy about the dog, I am afraid you will have only two choices (i) hold your ground and give it back from where you stand make them love the Great Dane, (ii) return it to the breeder.

    3. Adequate love and care this dog always behaves like a baby. They put their huge legs on anyone and land a sloppy kiss as a welcome whenever it sees you after a long time. His welcome is very effusive and quite dangerous if you are not prepared.

    4. You will have to have trainer lined up for house training from day 1. This dog needs heavy lessons in obedience and potty training. Without training, this dog is like the proverbial bull in a China shop.

    5. You will need to have a veterinary on call. This is because the Great Dane puppy loves to prance around and is extremely playful. Often it may get hurt and need immediate medical attention; the Great Danes may also fall sick all of a sudden, for which one would need the contact number of a good vet, who could come as soon as needed.

    There is absolutely no difference in the temperament of a male or female Great Dane, normally speaking. They are both sweet temperament, and become aggressive only when left alone for a long time. You should rather concentrate on learning how to choose the right Great Dane puppy.

    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Great Dane, get a copy of this Great Dane Guide NOW!

    Great Dane Picture

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