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  • Great Dane Puppy Names

    There is nothing more pleasurable in bringing home a pet than choosing a name. This can be even more fun if it is a family effort, each giving his/her opinion on what the newcomer could be called. Choosing a name is often like choosing a person’s clothes. Once it has a name, it gains a personality – it is as if it has become a member of your family by the sheer fact that it now has a name.

    Choose A Name That Creates Impact

    Usually names are chosen on impulse. You find that your Great Dane puppy is destructive and whatever it touches turns to dust, you all him Buster; you find that it is a jet black color which is highly impressive, you call him Blackie; you find that it only, eats, eats, and eats you call him Hogs and so on. People usually reflect the main (and mostly the most lovable) characteristic of this dog into its name.

    There are many instances when the dog will inspire you with a name. For best results, you may like to observe the Great Dane puppy for a while before choosing to name for it. There are so many things that would inspire you – the way it walks, the way it responds to you, the way it sleeps, the way it plays, the way it begs for food and so on.

    Some helpful tips while choosing a name for your Great Dane puppy would be:
    1. Pronunciation – try choosing a name that can be pronounced easily – preferably a single or double-syllable word. It could be anything on earth, but it should be easy to pronounce for yourself and others.

    2. Meaning – do not use negative traits in excess. It is okay to call your dog Bruiser if it leaves black and blue everytime it bounds up on you; however, it is not okay to call your dog Death because he killed by mistake two of your chicks; or Shitty because it used to go for potty all over the place. You will have to give the name to your friends at one time or other and such names would embarrass you.

    The ten most popular dog names in the US according to the AKC surveys are as follows:




    Do not let this list narrow your scope of choice – you can name your puppy whatever you want and you feel that it suits its personality. In that way you will have a unique name – as indeed, each Great Dane puppy is unique by itself.

    Once you have named your Great Dane puppy, it becomes a member of your family. Now all you will have to worry about is the learning and practicing the principles of general Great Dane care.

    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Great Dane, get a copy of this Great Dane Guide NOW!

    Great Dane Picture

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