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  • Creating A Living Space For Your Great Dane Puppy

    Creating adequate space for your puppy is a very important task, which has to be seriously considered before you get the Great Dane puppy at home. You should keep in mind that this puppy grows into huge proportions and hence, will need a large space to sleep and play in. A large crate is an excellent idea - more so if you plan to leave it alone for any period of time. This puppy is much stressed when left alone, and to relive its stress it will tend to chew on anything it lays its jaws on – and that is everything.

    The Puppy Needs To Play And Exercise

    Contrary to popular belief, the Great Dane puppy does not need to exercise too much. This may be due to the fact it is very active and keeps occupied throughout the day playing with something or the other. It would be good if it is given hard rubber ‘bones’ or other types of toys which will keep from taking on the furniture or shoes, or cushions, or pillows or curtains or anything else than catches its fancy.

    They are very naughty when they are young and hence, they will need intensive training right from day one. Obedience training (where it learns that it should not chew, dig or hog the sofa set) and potty training are a must.

    The Great Dane pup should have a nice place to exercise, preferably a grassy place or rough terrain. They love to run and frolic but extensive exercise should not be encouraged until the puppy reaches 18 months otherwise their bones will suffer from cracks. This is because they grow too fast and the bone development is unable to keep up with the pace.

    No matter where the crate of your Great Dane puppy is, the dog should always have a rug where you and the family spend the majority of your time. The Great Dane puppy craves for attention and company and will look forward to curl at your feet or next to you, (if you allow it) whenever the opportunity arises. The crate should be used for obedience and potty training and for the time you will have the dog left alone at home.

    Overall, this dog will love to be with you always. Hence, it will not need a specially demarcated space for it other than its crate. However, it will be good to teach it right from the start what you consider off limits and be consistent about it throughout its puppy-hood. Once it is fully grown, it will be impossible for you to get him off the sofa or bed for example.

    When you are preparing for your puppy, you will need to make a long list of Great Dane puppy supplies to help you look after it.

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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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