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  • Great Dane Puppy Supplies

    Getting a puppy home is just like getting a baby home. You will need to be ready for its arrival with all the required supplies. It is good to make a comprehensive list of all the Great Dane puppy supplies you would need so you could add to it as and when you remember something.

    The Great Dane Puppy Supplies List

    1. Play pen - Among the most important things, you will need for a Great Dane is a safe area. This is the place even if you have a safe back yard where your puppy will play without the need of your supervision. This could also be a small room, if you have one with a dog gate so that you can see it, while the dog will still remain inside the confined area. If you do not have a room, this would have to be a large Great Dane crate or play pen.

    2. Food supplies this dog eats like crazy and grows like crazy too. Hence, you should keep a good supply of ready-made food as per the advice of veterinary doctor and this should be in plenty.

    3. Vitamins and other health supplements - You will also need to have a good number of supplements (check with your vet) such as vitamins, calcium, minerals and overall health tonics so your Great Dane puppy grows into a healthy and well adjusted adult. Diet plays a major role in the health of this dog since it grows very fast and it grows huge.

    4. Toys The Great Dane needs a lot of attention when it is young. It needs a lot of exercise and it is a good idea to have a good number of toys around so it keeps busy and does not miss when you are playing with it. The toys should be made of the hardest rubber, which will last long.

    5. Two large bowls for food and water the Great Dane puppy grows very fast and since it has a good appetite, it will need to have adequate containers where you will give it its food. Large weighted stainless steel bowls will be excellent for this purpose. The puppy is very playful and if the bowls are not stable enough, he will definitely topple them over.

    6. Warm coat the Great Dane is among the dogs that do not have an undercoat and hence, they tend to catch colds easily. In case you live in a cold climate, ensure that your Great Dane puppy has adequate clothing when it is taken outside.

    Once you have made your list, you are ready to look for the sale signboard where is says, Great Dane Puppies for Sale.

    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Great Dane, get a copy of this Great Dane Guide NOW!

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