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  • How to choose a vet for your Great Dane

    Choosing a vet for your Great Dane is one of the most important aspects of the Great Dane care. The basics that would help you choose the right vet, is the same that you would apply in choosing your family doctor, or a doctor for your children.

    The Qualities Of A Desirable Veterinary Doctor

    As any professional, the veterinary doctor you choose would have to possess certain qualities and skills to be favored over other veterinary doctors. The most important of these are listed below:

    1. Breed specific knowledge while a general veterinary doctor would be fine in circumstances where nothing better is available, the best choice for the best Great Dane care would be a Great Dane veterinary doctor. There are many diseases specific to this breed, which might not be very easy to distinguish if the doctor is not overly familiar with each and every aspect of the Great Dane health care.

    2. Easy going this might not look like a qualifying factor, but let me tell you this is one of the most important qualifying factors of a good Great Dane veterinary doctor. Why? Because unless you can communicate freely with your doctor, ask questions, seek explanations, advice - the doctor is of no use to you or to your dog. You should be able to speak your mind with the doctor, not worry what will he/she say and whether they will accept your comments or not.

    3. Available 24x7 if you want to provide excellent Great Dane care to you dog, you will need to have access to your doctor round-the-clock. Unfortunately, most of the problems happen during time that is not suitable to call a doctor on general terms. However, your doctor should be there at 3 am and he/she should be there at 3 pm.

    4. Respect your judgment the best Great Dane care might not always come from your veterinary doctor it might come from you, from your experience and love for this animal. Your doctor should be able to respect your observations and opinion about the problem. A doctor who ignores you and your comments is not the right veterinary doctor for you.

    5. Highly qualified and experienced this is of course a very important aspect in the success of your Great Dane health care. The veterinary doctor should be adequately qualified and have a lot of experience with the Great Dane health concerns. This vet will also teach you what is the basic emergency care for your Great Dane.

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    Great Dane Picture

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