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  • What You Need To Groom Your Great Dane

    Grooming your Great Dane is a time-taking job but this is a time when you can bond very well with your pet. The Great Danes are very patient and happy with you fussing over it. Hence, this part of the Great Dane care is very enjoyable as it is rewarding. The grooming sessions could be scheduled every alternate day, twice a week or even once a week; however whenever you have it, make it high qualitative both in terms of grooming as in terms of bonding with the pet.

    The Great Dane Grooming Tools – Part And Parcel Of Great Dane Care Kit

    The best tool to use is love. Use plenty of it, your Great Dane will bask in your affection and return it manifold. The other tools that you will need for this purpose are:

    1. Brush for hair grooming – The Great Dane care guide is not very particular regarding hair care since this breed has a short single coat of hair. It sheds twice a year (in the fall and spring) and that is the time when brushing needs to be done regularly, preferably with a special rubber grooming tool which will remove the shed hair – and spare your house from showers of dead hair every time the Great Dane will shakes indoors. A glove brush will also be handy for day-to-day grooming.

    2. Flea comb – unless you have your dog wear a flea collar (check with you vet regarding its suitability) you will need to regularly check for fleas, ticks and lice. A flea comb will make your task easier and definitely more thorough than a manual checking.

    3. Dog toothbrush and toothpaste – Great Dane care contraindicates the use of human paste. Hence, you should have a choice of dog toothpaste ready for the cleaning of your pet’s teeth. This will not be necessary if the dog is fed on raw meat and bones. Otherwise brushing once a week would ensure that no tartar build up on the teeth.

    4. Nail trimmer – all dog breeds need to have their nail trimmed at one time or other. The Great Dane too, requires this type of grooming and for this purpose you will need an electric nail trimmer which is easier to use than the manual one. Have handy a styptic pencil or any other clotting agent just in case you clip too much and get the nail bleed. This particular Great Dane care procedure will be more needed in senior dogs than in young animals.

    5. You can invest in a dog-fur dryer if you live in cold climates because the Great Dane is highly susceptible to colds. Since it is very large, being wet for a long time would invite health problems. However, take care to ensure that you use the dryer correctly (and not very often) or it will burn the coat and make it coarse.

    If you enjoy this part of Great Dane care, check out some expert grooming tips for your Great Dane.

    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Great Dane, get a copy of this Great Dane Guide NOW!

    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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