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  • The Right Diet To Feed Your Great Dane

    There are any types of meals that make for a good diet for your Great Dane care. However, a good number of Great Dane care guidelines point into the direction of BARF as being the right kind of diet a giant dog like the Great Dane should be put on. However, do not take anyone’s word for it. Take the advice of your veterinary doctor and then experiment with you have on the market and see from the results which type benefits your Great Dane care the best.

    Is Barf The Right Diet?

    As mentioned a little while ago, before you totally switch form whatever you are feeding your Great Dane, you can check out and see whether BARF is indeed what the best option for your dog is. You can make your own custom-made meals with BARF since nowadays these meals come with separate ingredients as well. The standard proportions will be given in the Great Dane care guidelines – and you could also have it verified from your vet who can be the best guide in this matter.

    The best part of the BARF meal is that you can give your dog what it likes best and remove what it does not, thus improving its health and making the meals enjoyable. The Great Danes particularly love the bones in the BARF meal. Do not worry, Great Danes or any other dogs are not likely to get choked on the bones they get with this meal, any more that they are likely to get chocked on the tennis ball they are playing with.

    You should always add a good amount of fruits and green vegetables (in puree form) to the Great Dane’s meals so it complements the meat and bone content. You could add it to the BARF meals or you could give it to you dog as a snack.

    A very useful tip in Great Dane care guide says that you should leave the bowl of the dog always half full with food so it can feed continuously. This would prevent bloating which is a very dangerous and often fatal health problem of large dogs such as the Great Dane. You should also have the food bowl elevated about a foot above the ground so the dog swallows less air when gulps down the food. The same goes for the water bowl.

    Whatever is your choice of type of food, you should always ensure that you are providing your dog the best combination of nutrients. Ordinarily, ready-made off-the-shelf food is great convenience. Try to learn some delicacies you can cook for your Great Dane over the weekend or when you are free – just to show him how much you love him. Your pet will love the meal and you for providing it and the Great Dane care and attention you are giving it.

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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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