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    The Great Dane old age starts early at about 6-8 years of age, considering the fact that it hardly lives for ten years. There are a number of things that proper Great Dane care would dictate for the senior dogs, most of it would depend on what are the problems that develop with age.

    Some Of The Most Common Age-Related Health Problems

    There are a lot of minor and major problems that you will encounter as your Great Dane grows old. You should be well informed about such problems check with your vet, your breeder and as many other sources possible so you will know what measures to take.

    1. Incontinence there are many reports on Great Dane care that indicate that around 7-8 years of age this dogs loose partial control of its bladder. In this case, your vet may advice you to put it on a course of hormone replacement therapy this would help get things back to normal within a week or two. This could happen with the bowels as well and it is found that it is usually happening with the females than males.

    2. Arthritis it is often that the Great Dane spine grows spurs, which will then fuse with the vertebra. Once it is fused the pain will go, but until then the pain would be almost unbearable. Often the whole spine of the Great Dane will be thus fused making it turn around literally like a battle ship! The vet will be able to advice you on the right Great Dane care and medication for this problem. This would specifically take care of the pain.

    3. Cancer - the Great Danes are prone to bone cancer in their old age and it is terrible to see them suffer. A good tip in Great Dane care says that you should have your dog checked every six months for maladies such as cancer, hip dysplasia and few others that plague these giants in their old age.

    4. Teeth problems as the Great Dane ages, the teeth will build tartar and this will result in many problems. Try to have the tartar removed professionally or with the help of the devices/ toys that are specifically made for this purpose.

    5. Nails as per the general Great Dane care principles grooming includes clipping of the nails. This task would be far and in between when the Great Dane is active since it loves to run and play and the nails get worn out by themselves. However, as they grow old and they slow down the nail may grow and make their walking painful. Ensure that the nails are cut in time and kept at a comfortable level.

    6. Diet and nutrition the general Great Dane care depends a lot on the diet and nutrition it has. In fact, good deals of problems are cause by improper diet. Pay attention to this aspect and ensure that your Great Dane gets all the nutrients and health supplements it requires to make its old age comfortable.

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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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