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  • Emergency Care For Your Great Dane

    There is always scope for accidents when you have a Great Dane with you just owing to its large size. The Great Dane puppy is very playful and since it is strong at the same time, it might get into a lot of trouble. This is why it is necessary to have a good playpen for your dog so it can stay out of trouble when you are not able to supervise it directly.

    Providing The Right Emergency Great Dane Care

    It will be good if you go for a crash course in Great Dane care, which will also teach you about what to do in an emergency. Practically, if you do not know anything else, you could apply all the principles that you would apply in a human being health emergency, i.e. call the doctor, provide first aid, and try to stabilize it as much as it is possible.

    When the puppy plays unsupervised it may fall upon sharp objects, or it may pull things on its head and injure itself. You should be ready for any such emergency. You should know how to stem blood, calm the dog and have the doctor called almost simultaneously. The best emergency Great Dane care is to get it to the vet as soon as possible.

    Not always, an emergency involves blood wounds and injury. In order to be good at providing emergency Great Dane care, you will need to be very adept at recognizing the telltale signs of a health emergency. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are, heavy panting, shaking, whining constantly, shaking head, total agitation and restless behavior, growling or aggressive behavior when touched in certain places, etc. These are things you would know well if you have studied in depth about Great Dane health care.

    Good Great Dane care would require you to be highly observant of its behavior. Observe if it stops eating all of a sudden, has abrupt changes of temperament, is vomiting, has loose motions, losses muscle control, there is change in urine or feces consistency and so on. As soon as you notice such changes, you should notify your veterinary doctor.

    You should also have a good and ready first aid kit which may contain a muzzle, gloves, a leash, sterile pads, gauze, bandage tape, cotton, saline solution, clotting powder, hand towels, Hydrogen peroxide, solar blankets, lubricating jelly, activated charcoal, Chorhexidine wash (0.5%), scissors, antibiotic ointment, feeding tubes, a thermometer, a splint kit, a few syringes, and emergency medicines.

    First aid should be administered at the earliest possible and in the meantime, arrangements to remove the animal to the nearest animal hospital should be organized. You should be able to administer CPR if necessary. This is why it is good to be trained by attending some basic first aid courses for Great Danes so you would not be at a loss of what to do when faced with a health emergency. This type of emergency health course will also help you caring for your Great Dane as he ages.

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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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