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  • Review:

    Dog Training Discovery

    Editors Rating: (1 Star out of 5 Stars)


    Dog Training Discovery is an eBook based product that specifically focuses on solving dog behavior problems. It is a well written product, which altogether spans some 160 pages of content. At first opening, it jumps right into dog behavior solving, and covers some of the more common problems.


    The product comprises of one main eBook (70 Pages), and two other bonus eBooks (one is 70 pages, and other is 40 pages in length). Altogether they do a reasonable job at teaching one how to train their dog.


    The price of this product is $39.95 which is at the higher end of eBook based dog training products.

    Table Of Contents:

    Click to see larger Image


    To put it simply, this is quite a basic dog training eBook, which for nearly $40 really isn’t worth the investment considering what you get. The problem is that without going through the other (quality) products to compare, you really wouldn’t know what you’re missing.

    It does a good job at addressing some of the common dog problems, and if that was all you needed, then it’d be worth it. But you could get a whole lot more for less money.

     I think one of the major drawbacks with this particular product is that it doesn’t give you enough details about what to expect when training. Sure, you get the general idea, but compared to other dog training e-books I would have liked to see a lot more detail about understanding how the dog thinks and learns, and therefore what to expect under different environmental circumstances.

     For the price, I think they could have included a lot more information. Or alternatively drop the price to around the $25 mark.

     For more information, visit Dog Training Discovery

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