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    Innovative Veterinary Diets For Your Great Dane


    Deciding what type of food to feed one’s pet can be a challenge with many aspects to consider, such as following one’s budget, deciding how to buy the food and where, and what type of food is best for your pet. There are many innovative veterinary diets being marketed today by a variety of professional companies across the world, both expensive and inexpensive as well. The choice of what to feed your pet will be made mostly by you as the owner with the help of your veterinarian. He/She can certainly give you recommendations about what type of food they feel is best and how much to feed the pet at different stages of life. Exploring the different foods available takes a bit of time and research, but is well worth it in order to ensure a healthy and vibrant pet.

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    The Sentinel Online : News : Local : Dog Stolen In Perry County Friday

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    Types Of Innovative Veterinary Diets

    When people think of pet food, they generally conjure up a picture of a small cat licking from a bowl of milk or eating fish bones from a plate. We also picture a dog chewing on a bone or eating crumbs off of the floor. Yet, these images are not quite adequate when it comes to a healthy way for an animal to eat on a regular basis. Eating “table food” is generally discouraged by veterinarians because of the risk of heart disease and obesity than can occur when this is allowed in the home. Also, there is a risk of a dog or cat choking on small bones such as those found in chicken as well. Milk is also the wrong food to give to a cat, as it ferments in their stomach causing excess gas, bloating and other stomach ailments, not to mention plaque build up on their teeth.

    Some particularly innovative veterinary diets include the raw food diet that is recommended for many pets. This diet consists of raw flesh food ground and frozen in order to be given to the animal. The premise of this diet is too feed the animal what its primal instincts would be in the wild, that is to eat the food raw. When dogs and cats are hunting for their food, they do not cook the food once they kill their prey, they eat it raw. The proponents of this innovative veterinary diet say that this form of eating is the most nutritious and best for the animal, giving it all the nutrients it needs to live and healthy and long life. Making the switch to this type of eating from hard and dry dog or cat food can take some time, yet the benefits are worth the effort once the pet’s health begins to improve on such an innovative veterinary diet. In all, there are many ways to feed one’s pet, and the choice is an individual one each owner must make.


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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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