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    Hunting Dog Training! Who Really Benefits?


    Hunting dog training should be taken very seriously because it requires your dog being desensitized to gunfire that normally accompanies a hunt and still be able to keep its focus on the trainer’s commands. Before you begin hunting dog training there are a few steps that need to be taken such as the trainer needing to provide to the dog a solid foundation that ensures the safety of the dog during a hunt. You may choose to start the training when the puppy is no more than four to six months old by introducing it to whistles, check cords, birds as well as the hunting dog training commands.

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    Teach The Dog Not To Be Frightened Of Gunfire

    In the beginning, you may expose to gunfire your puppy so that it can avoid becoming frightened which will come in handy when it becomes an adult hunting dog. You will then need to provide a foundation for the dog/puppy which best suits the animal when it is aged between ten to twelve months and is taught to work in as well as out of the field, and generally become accustomed to whistles as well as commands given by the trainer. It should also help make the dog develop its pointing instincts and learn to be patient when pointing at the time of the hunting dog training.

    You must then, after teaching the dog foundation basics, train the dog to remain steady to shot and wing. Commands such as “whoa” will be taught to the dog and it will also learn the basics of real world hunting situations. Once completed, the dog will have learnt to work off leash in the field as well as outside and will then be able to retrieve to hand, which is teaching the dog to bring back the hunt without damaging the hunt. In addition, this stage of the hunting dog training can also involve teaching the dog to respect another dog’s point as well as to refrain from flushing birds.

    Any dog that is descended from parents that were hunting dogs will naturally be inclined to the pursuit of hunting and will have abilities that will help it in its hunting dog training. It is also obvious that the hunting dog training will teach the dog basic skills as far as its normal obedience is concerned and the dog should easily respond to simple commands such as “come, sit, and stay and heel”.

    It is also not unusual for the hunting dog training routine to require taking the dog into the field for getting it used to the full effect of hunting in a real situation. It is also normal for the hunting dog training to be performed under different weather conditions and different seasons will see the dog getting used to different game.


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