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    Why Solid Gold Dog Food Is A Good Choice For Your Great Dane


    While traveling through Germany with Great Danes, Sissy-Harrington McGill could not help but notice the longer life spans of the dogs in that country compared to those born and raised in the United States. The initial thought was the ingredients in the dog food they were being fed so when she returned to her native California, she began to experiment and in 1974 lunched Solid Gold dog food using her own natural ingredients formula.

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    For over 30 years the company has focused on pet foods containing no preservatives or saturated fat. Rice, barley and oats replace the wheat, soy and corn found in may other pet foods and USDA choice meats are the only ones used in the company’s pet food products. Solid Gold dog food also produces a line for natural shampoos and skin treatment for pets.

    As pet care products continue to increase in importance for pet owners, the Solid Gold dog food line of skin treatment, ear care and shampoos continue to make in-roads in natural pet care. Having a product to help the health and appearance of a beloved pet is a rapidly growing priority for many pet owners and the flaxseed oil and shampoos containing jojoba skin treatment and coat conditioner keeps the dog healthier looking and happier.

    Artificial Products Have No Place In Solid Gold

    All Solid Gold dog food products are made with all natural ingredients, from the freshest cuts of meat to the high quality grains, to insure the animal is being treated like a member of the owner’s family. No artificial flavorings or preservatives to alter the taste or the way the products help the pet nutritionally.

    Whether Solid Gold dog food will extend the life expectancy of any animal is open for debate, but quality nutritional food is one factor that contributes to the overall health of the animal. Insuring there is no ingredients that can cause health problems in any animal is a priority of Solid Gold dog food, which is why it uses only the best products in the pet food.

    In additional to its full line of pet food and skin care products, for animals that may need a little extra nutritional help, Solid Gold dog food also produces supplements to help the animal have all of the vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy life. Balancing the dog’s vitamin C and phosphorous intake with no dairy products can be accomplished with many supplements from Solid Gold dog food.


    Breaking NEWS: Did you know that the food you are feeding your Great Dane could actually be killing him?. Don't wait 'till it's too late! Go get a copy of Dog Food Secrets NOW!


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