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    Indestructible Dog Beds For your Great Dane


    If you are looking for indestructible dog beds, you should know that there are many factors that will come to play in your decision regarding which dog beds are least likely to be destroyed by your dog. Most of the indestructible dog beds are made up of different materials, so you need to know your dog in order to know what they can and canít destroy.

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    Materials Most Important

    One of the most important factors in finding indestructible dog beds is looking at the different materials that make up dog beds. Most dogs like to chew on the same things, like plastic and leather, which is the reason that our shoes often become their toys. However, if you know your dog well you know that each dog has a personality and that each dog has something that he would rather be chewing on. Some will leave certain materials alone, and others will eat these materials to no end.

    It is also important to find indestructible dog beds that your dog wonít scratch. Again, you have to know your dog, because some dogs will try to make nests in their dog beds and will actually end up destroying them as they try to form an area to sleep.

    Because of both of these reasons, finding indestructible dog beds has a lot to do with what your dog will and will not destroy. First of all, take inventory of their toys and see what toys they have destroyed and which ones have been left alone. Look at the materials that have made up the toys that they have chewed to bits and those that they have not. Do they prefer to chew on plastic or leather, or cloth materials? This is the first step in seeing what kid of indestructible dog beds you can get for your dog. Pick a material that they donít like to chew, or havenít yet discovered to chew, and start there.

    Then, take a look at the sleeping habits of your dog. Does he try to pull up the covers with his mouth to make a nest, or not? If your dog is making a nest with his teeth and claws, you have to find him a bed that cannot be destroyed like this. If he doesnít do this, you can buy him a regular bed.

    Again remember that finding indestructible dog beds depends on what your dog is in to, and what your dog will destroy versus what they will leave alone.


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