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  • What To Expect With A Great Dane?

    I would say never a dull moment. The Great Danes behave just like children and do not get mental maturity until they are about three years old. That is indeed a long puppy-hood by any standards. During this time, they should have sufficient to do and be occupied or they will turn their attention to your house and this can be pretty disastrous.

    With This Dog, The Size Matters

    You have to see a full-grown Great Dane in real life and at close quarters before you decide to get yourself a Great Dane puppy. If not you will be completely amazed by the rate it grows and the size it reaches in just a matter of six months. While the body expands at an alarming rate, the mind of the Great Dane will mature only when they complete three years.

    The fact that it is still a baby in mind, while fully grown in body can pose some serious problems. At this time, they are extremely rambunctious and very difficult to restrain. Since they do everything out of joy and in playful mood, it is difficult to stay angry with them or correct them. Hence, they need to be trained from a very young age, so they will know all the things that they are not supposed to do, such as:

    1. climbing on the furniture – coach, sofa, bed are a definite NO
    2. climbing on you – as a welcome gesture, asking for food, asking to go out, asking to be petted
    3. chewing the furniture – or anything in the house
    4. wolfing down food from the table or counter tops – should know its boundaries well
    5. begging for food or treats
    6. pulling on the leash – this can become pretty painful because the Great Dane is far more powerful than a human being
    7. running in the house, because even if it does not overturn anything himself, their tail can do a lot of damage
    8. shaking inside the house, or you will have to continuously wipe of saliva on yourself and the furniture
    9. sit in the front seat of the car
    10. play with your shoes

    This is what you should expect from the dog. However, your experience will not be limited to the behavior of your dog. You will have many ‘funny’ reactions from the people around you whenever you will take your Great Dane for a walk. People will walk up to you and ask you what it eats, how you manage it, where it sleeps, if it is dangerous and so on. You will have to get used to the jaw-drop reaction people have when they first see your dog/

    Many people, after seeing the beauty and majesty of the Great Dane will set out to seek Great Dane breeders to buy a puppy for themselves.

    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Great Dane, get a copy of this Great Dane Guide NOW!

    Great Dane Picture

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