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    Why people love the Great Danes so much? Mainly because they are so majestic, so huge yet so gentle and sweet tempered. The Great Danes behave just like children, exuberant, bouncy and extremely affectionate. They love to be loved; hence, you will find them putting their head in your lap when you plan to enjoy the news or your favorite TV soap opera, or bounce up on the bed beside you. They may be having a huge body, but their demeanor if that of a lapdog.

    They are playful and even silly at times; the same dogs can be vigilant watchdogs and excellent trackers and rescue dogs. They are also used as racing dogs.

    Great Danes Are Oversized Teddies

    The Great Dane is huge indeed. That is about the only thing that is scary about it. Its personality is that of a sensitive companion rather than a watchdog. You will note that this dog possesses remarkable strength but hardly ever uses it. This dog is very comfortable even with strangers who are okay, since it is extremely sociable. They are very keen observers and will instantly realize who is the right and who is the wrong stranger. They will not attack, but having a Great Dane staring down at you questioningly can be quite an unnerving experience.

    At the same time, these dogs are not known to bite unless they are totally stressed or overly abused. A Great Dane will seldom bark and when it does, it will not be an open bark, rather a slight rumble.

    They are very tolerant of children and other pets in the house. Often they act as surrogate mothers (even the male dogs) towards other smaller animals. They are careful not to hurt children or topple over things in the house, and most of the times succeed at it. However, their tail can be a dangerous weapon of destruction and bruising.

    Even though the Great Danes have a docile and balanced personality, they look domineering at times, owing to the fact that they can get away with a lot because of their size. Unless they are very well trained, they discover the benefits of their size and can easily behave in a spoilt-brat manner. For example, if it is not well trained and it makes himself comfortable on the couch, it would be next to impossible to get him off, unless he moves out himself. When he finds that he can sleep on the couch, then that is the end of you enjoying your furniture.

    As long as you know what to expect with a Great Dane, these ‘gentle giants’ make some wonderful pets and extremely affectionate companions.

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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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