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  • The Great Dane Temperament

    Owing to its origins, this dog looks like a mastiff – huge, elegant and extremely sweet mannered. Its looks are so imposing that it can stop anyone in his/her tracks, though they are well known as a totally non-aggressive breed.

    The Name Of ‘Gentle Giants’ Says It All

    The temperament of this dog can be summed up in just one word – gentle. They are huge and had they been aggressive they would have been a terror to reckon with. However, as it is, the Great Danes are extremely friendly. They love and yarn for constant company. It is not advisable to leave this dog alone, uncrated in the house as it gets bored easily and then turn the house inside out in no time.

    The Great Danes are excellent watchdogs and quite protective about their family and those whom they have labeled as ‘good guys’. Unless they are socialized well from a young age, the Great Danes may become fearful of strangers, which in turn would lead them to bite in defense – not a comforting thought.

    A Great Dane matures very slowly – it could be up to three years before it behaves like an adult and during this time, no matter how well trained it is, it will be very exuberant in its behavior and in their overall joyous behavior can be extremely destructive inside a home.

    The Great Danes have indeed a mind of their own and because of their size, they can apply it as and when they please. Hence, it is very important that this dog be trained well so it can be controlled when it becomes an adult. They can be very domineering at times, bordering on aggression particularly against dogs of the same sex. They are also known to love a good chase and cannot stand the temptation to tear after any fleeing animal – they have been known to even chase cars.

    The Great Danes are exceptionally intelligent. Even if you do not train them formally, they will understand what you want them to do. It is very important though to have them trained from very young age because otherwise it would become next to impossible to control them when they are adults. Respect-training and restraint are two major things that the Great Dane needs to know from a very young age.

    The Great Danes love to eat and will drool everytime you have a snack. It can wolf down large quantities of food in a twinkle of an eye and then look like it has not eaten for ages. The Great Dane usually slobbers a lot and often you will have to wipe off saliva from your furniture, your clothes and face when they shake their massive heads.

    The physical appearance of the Great Dane is what makes them look forbidding, as their temperament is of a happy and exuberant child - always eager to play, seek attention and do some mischief.

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    Great Dane Picture

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